Growler Fills

Discover the convenience and flavor of our growler fills at Angry Hank’s Microbrewery. Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or just looking for a unique gift, our growler fills offer a fantastic way to enjoy our craft brews at home. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pricing: A growler fill, including a 64 oz. glass growler and your choice of beer, is priced at $14. And the good news is, when you’re ready for a refill, bring the growler and refill it for only $10.
  • Brewery Hours: You can swing by our brewery to get your growler fills during our taproom hours. It’s the perfect time to pick up your favorite brews to enjoy later or share with friends.
  • Seasonal Selection: Please note that for some of our seasonal brews, prices may vary. Be sure to check in with us to find out more about our current seasonal offerings.
  • Exclusive at the Taproom: Our growler fills are exclusively available at our taproom. Come and visit us to take advantage of this service and explore the wide array of beer options we have.
  • More Than Just Growlers: In addition to growler fills, we also offer an assortment of brewery merchandise, including keychains, stickers, and logo pint glasses. These items make for excellent mementos or gifts for fellow beer enthusiasts.

Experience the convenience of enjoying Angry Hank’s craft brews in the comfort of your own home. Join us during our brewery hours, and don’t forget to explore the other merchandise available at the taproom. We look forward to serving you!