Welcome to Angry Hank’s Microbrewery, where the passion for craft brewing meets a commitment to simplicity and quality.

Our journey began with a simple idea: create a space where people can gather, enjoy great beer, and connect with each other. The result is a vibrant and fun microbrewery nestled in the heart of Billings, Montana.

Our Story

A Humble Beginning: In 2006, we opened our doors in a quaint old gas station. Tired of the mindless drone of television screens in every corner, we wanted to offer something different. Our aim was clear: provide a place to relax, have a conversation, and savor a beer. Angry Hank’s was born out of this desire to create a haven for beer enthusiasts and community alike.

Growth and Expansion: As the years passed, our family of patrons grew. In 2011, we seized an opportunity to expand our reach. Just eight blocks away, a vacant 1916 carriage house presented itself as the perfect canvas for our brewing dreams. After acquiring and remodeling this historic gem, we opened our second location in June 2012.

A New Home: In 2014, we centralized our operations in the heart of downtown Billings at the carriage house. This move allowed us to focus entirely on perfecting our craft. It was also the beginning of canning Street Fight and Anger Management, taking our brews beyond our taproom and into local bars and restaurants.

Expanding Options: In 2023, we purchased the building next to us, allowing us to expand our canning area. The purchase also provided additional space to host events (see the “Space Rental” page). In 2024, we acquired a beer and wine license. The license allows us to serve wine and other beverages, such as ciders, sours and seltzers.

Our Philosophy

At Angry Hank’s, we don’t have a grand mission to take over the world. We simply want to have a good time doing what we love. Our vision is rooted in creating a fun job and a welcoming place for everyone to enjoy a pint at affordable prices. While our taproom remains the heart of our operation, our hand-crafted brews have found a home in bars and restaurants across south-central Montana.