Angry Hank’s Blonde Ale

Our lightest beer. Gold in color with a bready, light fruity flavor. Its low alcohol content and restrained bitterness make this a great session beer. 4.5% alcohol.

Anger management belgian wheat

An American take on a Belgian style wheat beer. Made with barley, wheat, and oats. It is infused with coriander and Curacao orange peel. This is a hazy, light-bodied, slightly tangy ale with low hop bitterness. 4.5% alcohol.

Head Trauma Pale Ale

A rich copper color with a dry palate. The sharp bitterness and hop flavor and aroma come from cascade and centennial hops. This beer is definitely not for the faint of heart. 6% alcohol.

Street Fight Irish Red Ale

Deep red in color, this is a malty beer with bready toffee and caramel flavors. Low hop bitterness and low hop aroma round out the finish. 6% alcohol.

Raspbeery Pucker

An American tart ale that is light, crisp, tangy, and full of raspberry flavor. 4.5% alcohol.

Angry Hombre

A light Mexican style lager made with maze. The beer is silky smooth and refreshing. eep red in color, this is a malty beer with bready toffee and caramel flavors. Low hop bitterness and low hop aroma round out the finish. 4.8% alcohol.


Frost Killer Scottish Ale

A 90 shilling ale brewed using a traditional recipe and European malt. Look for biscuit and cracker flavors in this dark ruby red malty ale. Hop bitterness is moderate while hop aroma and flavors are low. 6.5% alcohol.

Czech Pilsner

The yeast we use gives this beer a tart and refreshing flavor. This beer has a more assertive hop profile than most lager beers. It is light gold in color, great on a warm spring day. 5.6% alcohol.

Hobo Gold Malt Liquor

A throwback to 70s malt liquors with a classy spin, this brew has a light straw color, low hop aroma, and low bitterness. Careful, it’ll sneak up on you! 7.2% alcohol.


A traditional German Oktoberfest lager beer. We import all the malt and hops from Germany. The flavor: malt, malt, malt. Beautiful orange hue in color with very low bitterness. 5.8% alcohol. Available early September.

Fried Dynamite Stout

This dry Irish stout is barrel-aged using freshly emptied bourbon barrels. We give this one some time to age and absorb all that goodness before releasing it the day before Thanksgiving. 5% alcohol.

Bah Humbock

A full-bodied amber bock made with German lager yeast strain, this beer is big. Rich malty flavors abound with subtle hop flavors in the background. 6.5% alcohol. On tap during the holidays

Massive Head Trauma

This imperial IPA is double trouble. It’s like Head Trauma on steroids. The beer is big, using bravo hops. 8.3% alcohol.

Dirty Girl Dunkelweizen

This dark wheat beer abounds with caramel and roasted malts, giving it a bready, nutty flavor. There is just enough bitterness to balance out the malt. 5.5% alcohol.

Hank Unplugged – Shandy

Hank lost his mind on this summer shandy. Real lemonade is mixed with our blond ale and the result is pure sunshine and butterflies. 4.5% alcohol. On tap from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Espresso Porter

Thick and dark brown, brewed with organic coffee from local coffee roasters. Smooth with great coffee taste. Mild bitterness. 5.3% alcohol.

Helles Bock

Helles means “light” in German, but don’t let that fool you. The color might be light but the body, flavor, and alcohol content are big. Imported German malt is the backbone of this bock. 6.9% alcohol. On tap late winter – early spring.

Milk Chocolate Stout

A dark, rich stout, we infuse this beer with cocoa nibs from Ecuador. Look for hints of dark chocolate and a sweet finish. MADE WITH LACTOSE. 5% alcohol.

Dog Slobber Brown Ale

Deep brown in color with a malty aroma. Hints of caramel, dark chocolate, and coffee are reflected in the flavor. A moderate hop edge adds balance to this brown ale. 5.2% alcohol.

Bohemian Pilsner

Deep gold color, medium bodied, and medium hopped. Made with imported German malt. 5.6% alcohol.

American Lager

Made with rice. The lightest beer we make in both color and body. Low hop bitterness. Easy to drink. 5.0% alcohol.